The AVMart
Audio-Visual Equipment for Sale, Great Prices: Better Service

How did it all start? Well a young man, W.Douglas Williams, (he was young then) had fallen in love with media. Live sound, Video Editing, Recording and the like. Embracing a background that including projects and work for the likes of Fox Sports, TBN, CBS, CBN, ESPN, and a host of other networks, he decided to take and expand AV knowledge with in ministries and educational facilities. It was during this process that he realized many churches and educational facilities were at the mercy of salespersons and big box houses who offered little advice and even less support. The company AV Ministry Solutions was founded and begin performing full AV designs, installs and training to make sure that these non-profits and small businesses were able to get the best products possible for their current and future situations. The company was blessed to perform these services and trainings all over the United States and consequently began to receive numerous requests from clients to purchase products direct. The idea was a Godsend and we began the process of becoming a reseller and dealer for numerous brands and the list keeps growing. Now we are offering online what previously was only offered in person and The AVMart was born.

The AVMart is dedicated to matching or beating the lowest prices that can be found on the internet or in brick and mortar shops. We do not limit our services to low prices, we wish to share our knowledge and training with our customers to insure a smart purchase. All of the products we carry are warrantied by the manufacturers and we are happy to act on your behalf if you have concern or a return. We hope you enjoy our growing store as we are adding new lines of Audio-Visual equipment weekly. We are here for one reason, to sell and advise on Audio-Visual equipment and our subject matter experts (SME's) are undergoing continuous training to keep improving that service.